Services and Rates

For Businesses

Rates for writing and editing depend mainly on project length. Once I know the client’s needs, I provide a quote based on an hourly rate. Lower rates apply to larger projects and to projects with later turnaround times.

For Fiction and Non-Fiction

1) Proofreading – US$10* per 1,000 words. This includes a thorough edit of grammatical, punctuation, typographical and formatting mistakes. It also includes editorial comments highlighting the most common composition errors.

2) Line edit and manuscript critique – US$15-20* per 1,000 words (depending on the extent of the revision). This includes a line-by-line content and copy edit of the work as well as detailed footnotes within the text explaining editorial changes. I also provide a separate written analysis of each of the work’s following elements:


        premise/theme        character    structure/plot        dialogue   

        narration/point of view        atmosphere and setting        prose style.

The objective is not only to improve the text, but also to identify the work’s strengths and weaknesses and to teach through revision how to improve your writing. I provide you with a marked version of the work highlighting the changes as well as a clean, edited version.