Frequently Asked Questions

Do you specialize in business communications or in creative writing?

Most of my clients are businesses, but I also write journalism and crime novels and edit many genres of fiction and book-length nonfiction. Some writers argue that business writing and creative writing are widely divergent. They aren’t. Conventions differ, but the challenge of putting the right words in the right order is the same.

Can you provide writing samples and references?

I would be happy to provide references to serious prospective clients. Some of my published feature articles, film reviews and short stories are available online. To visit the website for my mystery novel Bodycheck, click here.

What makes you different from the world’s countless other editors, proofreaders and book doctors?

I lead writers and businessess through the minefield of impediments to effective communication. I value crisp, active writing that meets the subject matter head-on, and I take a personal approach to editing. My objective is not just to fix the author’s text, but to ensure that the author is along for the developmental journey. I teach authors important writing rules and techniques that will improve their craft.

Having lived abroad and traveled extensively, I also have strong experience working with translations and with texts composed by non-native-English speakers and writers.

Can you guarantee that my edited manuscript will be published?

Any freelance editor who promises to make your work of fiction or non-fiction saleable is leading you on. No one apart from the publishers who do the purchasing can guarantee that a text will see print. What I can guarantee is that edited texts will be clean and readable and every bit as strong as the author’s message. When providing manuscript critiques, I clearly identify the work’s strengths and weaknesses and teach structural and stylistic lessons.

Can you help me find an agent for my work?

Although I have an agent for my own writing, as an editor I do no business with literary agencies, and I strongly suggest caution regarding agents who offer representation contingent upon your purchase of their (or their related party’s) editing or marketing services. Most such agents generate their revenue by charging fees to unpublished writers, not by selling manuscripts to royalty-paying publishers. If you are seeking an agent, it’s best to approach members of the Association of Authors’ Representatives, whose Canon of Ethics prohibits the abusive practice of fee charging. For information on searching for an agent, see Links and Resources.