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How Does Independent Contracting Work?

How Does Independent Contracting Work? Companies around the world aim to save taxes by cajoling employees to sign the general contractor agreement. It is a common practice because they can get the contractor liability waiver in an easy and hassle free manner. If the users are acting as contractors to …

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How to Write a Hold Harmless Agreement?

A “Hold Harmless Template” is a contract in which one party to the contract agrees to accept full responsibility for any legal or financial claims stemming from that party’s actions and protects another party from such legal or financial claims. The “promisor” is the party who agrees to hold the …

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Services and Rates

For Businesses Rates for writing and editing depend mainly on project length. Once I know the client’s needs, I provide a quote based on an hourly rate. Lower rates apply to larger projects and to projects with later turnaround times. For Fiction and Non-Fiction 1) Proofreading – US$10* per 1,000 …

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